Family to Family by Francie Moss

I don’t know if I found NAMI Family to Family or if it found me.  All I know is that I am so grateful that the connection was made.  It was through a friend and co-worker that I learned about Family to Family and I will be forever thankful that he thought enough of me to share this information.

Walking into the Family to Family class was a new territory for me.  I had never attended a support group, didn’t know where to start and didn’t know what was going to be expected of me.  It almost felt like going back to school and that is how I approached it.  I have been in higher education for 29 years and still have the passion for learning but I was emotionally worn out.  I kept thinking – I hope they don’t expect too much out of me because I just don’t have much energy left.  I think I was beginning to drown emotionally and needed someone to throw me a life preserver before I went down for the third time.

That is exactly what Family to Family did for me – Jean, Peggy and the NAMI material threw me a life preserver with their kindness, knowledge and NAMI resources.   I would go back each week to absorb more of the information about how to help my loved one and how to help myself.  My pressure valve was slowly releasing in my body because I was gaining information and receiving support from others that had or are experiencing what I have been going through.  I wasn’t alone in that dark alley waiting for the next thing to happen so I could attempt to slay the invisible monster that lives in that dark alley.  

Family to Family gave me support, resources and refilled my emotional energy tank.  They showed me that I wasn’t alone and it was important to do self-care.  I knew all of this intellectually but I was not practicing any of it on the emotional level.  This way the best thing I had done for myself and my family in several years.

I tell everyone I know about NAMI Edmond and what Family to Family did for me.

Thank you!!!!
Francie Moss

Erik Collins